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P.K. Gardner is the author of the Enemies Trilogy, Timewise and other stories. She is a diploma-holding chemist who remains bitter that she has never developing super powers during lab work. In her free time she’s playing inline hockey, watching horror movies, and makes endless repairs on the recently purchased fixer-upper.

Check out her novels:

The Enemies Trilogy

(A black comedy about friendship, depression and superheroes fighting giant killer robots. )

Part 1: Enemies Like These

Jumping off a building is a hell of a way to find out you can fly. When Alex Manners doesn’t hit the ground, he learns he’s a superhero. But he’s not very good at it. He’s being stalked, his memory is full of holes, and someone’s been leaving him pictures of a dead friend. The harder he looks, the more he finds that the city’s network of superheroes isn’t to be trusted.

And that his robot-wielding arch nemesis may be the only friend he has.

Part 2: Walk a Mile

When a botched assassination attempt leaves Alex Manners stuck in the body of his arch-frenemy, he’s forced to strike a truce until they find a fix to the problem. But the swap has unearthed latent memories, uncovering a villain who’s been stalking Alex for years. Alex’s only defense is the anonymity lent by a different face.

If Alex wants his body back, he’ll have to contend with a time-travelling pyrokinetic, a psychic orchestrating experiments on superheroes and a pair of vigilantes cutting a bloody swatch through the city. More importantly, he’ll have to confront the ever-looming specter of the Forgettable Man.

Part 3: Sidekicks

Not even superheroes are bulletproof. To keep the legend alive after Good Guy is murdered, his sidekick Ajax Gadzinski is asked to put on the mask. Only Ajax is more interested in avenging his friend than joining the long line of heroes who died for the cause.

Besides, if the rumors are true, the original Good Guy is back, saving people like he never left.

Or, you know, it could just be the evil twin.


When the Timewise Agency yanks Tyler Smith into the future, his life takes a turn to the fantastic. Plunged into a multi-era feud against a group of mysterious time-traveling aliens and tasked with maintaining the integrity of the timeline, Tyler is forced to grow up fast. Dealing with the loneliness and alienation of living four hundred years outside his native time, Tyler carves out his own place in Timewise. When one of the Agency’s best goes rogue, it falls to Tyler to hunt him down. As he tracks the rogue agent through paradoxes, altercations with aliens and years of living history, Tyler starts to question everything he thought he knew – and to confront the past he left behind.

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